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React js

React is a javascript library developed by Facebook in order to simplify the process of building full scale web apps. It combines the three main elements of web development, ie. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a fully scaleable, quick to build, and highly responsive website.

React Native

Alongside React js, React Native is built for the mobile world. Using this highly advanced technology, we can build both native IOS and android apps. This platform allows flexibility, and control over the entire app build process. We test the apps on real devices, not simulated ones, so that you can be absolutely sure that your app will look right, and more importantly, be fully functional on nearly every screen.


Swift is the development language for Ios. It is fast, secure, and highly robust. It gives you the freedom to use Apple's extremely advanced tools like machine learning, maps, imaging services, and more.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the go-to source for online data storage, protection, and testing. It doesn't stop there, but if I were to list out every service they provide, I would need a whole new website. They are a highly andvanced, secure, and lightning fast web service used by many of the leading technology companies today. Think Moderna, Capital One, Netflix, The US Navy, and so many more. Contact me for more information about what AWS can provide for your business.


Google's Firebase is an absolute necessity in modern day web and mobile apps. Not only does it provide you a way to securely log clients in to their accounts, it allows you to track their activity, and fully connects to Google Analytics so you can see what is working, and what isn't. This platform is easy to use, and with it being Google, can be accessed from anywhere. The best part is that it is fully scaleable!

Mongo DB

Mongo DB is the top Data storage server on the web. They are versatile, fast, and easy to use. They scale with your app, so there is no downtime, and the data transfer is so fast that you wouldn't even guess that you are pulling it from a different server. Whether companies are using their own servers, or the Mongo DB servers, the build is the same, which means that if you scale to the point you need your own servers, your app doesn't need to be completely rebuilt.

Node JS

Node JS is beginning to gain traction, with each new update to the JS language, Node becomes more powerful, it is used to build the backend (login page, ecommerce, tracking, analytics, etc.) of webapps. This streamlined framework is fast, easy to use, and maintains the useability of a full scale web app.

Sass / Scss

Sass is a styling framework for modern, scaleable web applications. It is designed to give you the flexibility to build a product that looks incredible while maintaining usability for nearly every browser. With how fast the computer world is advancing everyday, it is important to build your websites, and webapps with the intention for it to work for years ahead, but also years behind, and Sass gives you these tools from the start.

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