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Shuga's Restaurant | Bar

Shuga's is the original Colorado Springs craft cocktail bar. It has been around for 20 years, serving an eclectic menu to the "most desireable place to live in the United States" since its beginning. This site features Amazon AWS S3 integration on Next Js, Emotion styled components, PDF.js, and many other incredible technologies.


Natours is an app for booking tours. With it, users can create accounts, book tours, attend tours, and review the tours. Currently, due to it only being a test app, its functionality is not entirely finished, and it only really works in Google Chrome, but I will work on it as time allows.


Forkify is a simple recipe app where users can search for recipes, create new ones, and save favorites. It was designed by Jonas Schemdtmann for a Javascript course, and written by myself.

Full Stack JavaScript

JavaScript has quickly become the world leader of your online experience. Nearly every website currently uses it to improve your experience, in fact, this website was built using only JavaScript. The key factors that bring this incredible scripting language are its versatility and strength. Most modern devices can use JavaScript, which gives us the ability to reach nearly everyone. Full Stack is the term used for apps like Facebook, and Amazon who use a front end (what you see), and a back end (what controls the application). Basically, if you can log in to the application, or change it in any way, it is considered "full stack". This is very useful if you need a client portal, staff portal, any sort of analytics, or ecommerce.

In Modern business, applications and websites like this are important, and give you an edge on your competition wiht the opportunity to take payments, build custom client databases, and track your business performance.

Native Mobile Apps

React Native is the name of a technology developed by Facebook to give developers the ability to make full mobile applications for both Android and Apple devices. The developers at Facebook used this technology to build the Facebook app, so you know it is extremely robust. We use this technology to provide you with an edge on the traditional websites you see today.

Mobile apps are quite important, and give you an edge on your competition. Most people tend to go nowhere withouth their phones, this means your business is just a tap away from so many people at any hour of the day.

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